Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Jury's Back on the new Comprehensive Plan

Since I haven't posted anything since January, I thought I might begin with what appears to be a post mortem on the new Comprehensive Plan. A few weeks ago, mayor-elect, Scott Johnson, met with another member of the committee and myself to briefly discuss the possibility of having a lengthier discussion with him so that we could get his feedback on the plan. We were completely open with the Mayor, letting him know what kind of timetable that would be necessary for the plan to go through all the steps -- public hearings, SEQURA review, etc. The long and short of it is the Mayor basically ignored our request to have the next meeting by a certain date and will get back to us at his leisure. Sounds like stonewalling to me.
What was I thinking? Why would a mayor who would have never defeated the incumbent if it hadn't been for the crafty machinations of another individual be interested in working with a Green and a Democrat? My hope had been that he'd be willing to take the high road and consider the recommendations of a tri-partisan committee that came up with a badly needed plan that provides a vision for the city of Saratoga Springs that deals with sustainability -- and a number of other important things. Without a common sense plan to deal with future challeneges, the city runs the risk of incurring extra costs at the expense of the taxpayer, and future generations. But not to worry, the city hall will have a set of heated stairs flanked by two lions and a spanking new rec center complete with plenty of parking.